Freckle Juice by Judy Blume

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to start my next book.  I am already deviating from my book-a-day plan.  I am not tired yet, I got into a debate (not sure you can even call it a debate) on a friend’s Facebook feed, and now I am even more wired as a result.  I really need to stay away from political posts…

So, I decided to read a book, or two, or three to calm myself back down and get to a place where I could sleep for the night.  On a recent bookstore excursion, I picked up a couple of childhood favorites that I do not have anymore.  Tonight, I decided to read Freckle Juice by Judy Blume.

As an aside, my doc is seriously barking and growling in her sleep right now.  I really wish I could see her doggy dreams.  It is almost as cute as when she sleeps with her tongue hanging out.  Back to Freckle Juice.

I remembered reading this book when I was younger.  I LOVE Judy Blume.  In this book, Andrew is jealous of a classmate’s freckles.  He wants freckles too.  Another classmate offers him her family’s super secret formula for freckle juice so he can have freckles too. This provides the start of his adventures.

I love the sweet innocence of the kids in this book, and I love the portrayal of the kind and understanding teacher.  She knows how to play by the kids’ rules.  She reminds me of some of my favorite teachers over the years.  I had Mrs. McAllister for first grade.  She was wonderful.  I remember her class well.  It was always fun, and she really encouraged my love of reading and my creativity.  Mrs. Crotts was my kindergarten teacher.  She was the sweetest woman on the planet.  I remember seeing her often long after I was no longer her student.  I was always eager for her praise!

I had Mrs. Coombs in fifth grade.  She was another favorite.  She encouraged us to be creative and her class was always fun.  We shared a love for the Cardinals (although I have defected and am now a Red Sox fan).  She was a strong supporter of my ballet habit, and she encouraged creativity in her students.  I believe I was in her class the year I went to the citywide geography bee.  It is amazing what memories this book is bringing back.

Although other favorite teachers came along long after my love for Freckle Juice and Judy Blume had faded, Miss Enbom was another favorite.  She was a junior high social studies teacher.  She was also our student government advisor (I think I was Secretary – or something like that).  She oversaw our Mock Presidential Debate (I debated on behalf of Bill Clinton at the time).  For several years after I was in her class, I would go with her to help set up her classroom before the start of each school year.  She remains a wonderful friend and mentor to this day.

There were many teachers like this throughout high school and into college and graduate school.  My point is that books like this can spark strong memories when you read them as an adult.  Reading them as a kid clearly provides the seeds for those memories to grow.  It is amazing what re-reading some of my childhood favorites is doing for my memory of my childhood.  I highly recommend it.

Since I am still not at all tired, I think I will read another book.  There are just so many I want to read, and there is not enough time!  Until next time, Happy Reading!

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