Emma and the Blue Genie by Cornelia Funke

This morning I read Emma and the Blue Genie by Cornelia Funke.  This is a good book for earlier readers to get them started on Funke’s books.  This one would make an excellent introduction to Cornelia Funke’s writing before a child is at the stage of reading books like InkheartDragon Rider, or The Thief Lord.

The story is an interesting twist on the Arabian Nights tales.  Emma finds a bottle on the beach.  The bottle ends up holding a genie who has lost his powers to an evil genie.  Emma and her dog Tristan travel to the genie’s home to help him get his powers back and meets all kinds of interesting characters along the way.

This was a quick and easy read, and I really enjoyed it.  I think that it would make for a great early chapter book for a mid-grade reader.  I always enjoy Funke’s writing.

The book made me think more about my own writing.  I am currently working on a children’s fiction book, and I am hoping that it will be of the same quality as Funke’s work.  Now I want to go to the bookstore and grab a copy of The Arabian Nights tales and perhaps a volume of fairy tales.  The more I read, the more ideas I am getting for my writing.  It is so much fun to explore books and let new ideas emerge.

Funke has a way of making the reader sense that they are really in the setting that they are reading about.  She makes excellent use of sensory information in her writing and embeds you in the setting.  I love reading her books, and I continue to discover books of hers that I have not read before.

Now, I think I will throw on some clothes and run up the street to the bookstore to pick up a couple of books.  Someday I will need to stop buying for a few months and read through my TBR piles…  Someday…  Until next time, Happy Reading!

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