George’s Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl

As I continue my day of reading and relaxation, I decided to shift back to another Roald Dahl.  I had never read George’s Marvelous Medicine before, and I was not disappointed.  It was a quick but fun read.

George is left at home while his mother runs errands.  He is to take care of his grandmother and make sure that she gets her medicine at 11:00.  His grandmother is not kind to him, and he decides he will make his own medicine for her.  He gathers different things from around the house and dumps them into the pot.  The concoction sounds incredibly dangerous – including things like hair removal cream, laundry detergent, shoe polish, oil for the car, antifreeze, veterinary medications, and brown paint.  He gives his grandmother a dose of his marvelous medicine once he has put it all together, and our adventure really begins.

I always love Dahl’s writing.  His love for kids and his understanding of kids can’t be beat.  I hope to learn to write books just like his.

In my last post I talked about the importance of childish creativity.  Roald Dahl had the ability to tap into childish creativity as an adult.  This is what makes his books so incredibly good.  Dahl remains one of my favorite authors.

I recently ordered some of Dahl’s books of short stories for adults.  I am really excited for those to come in the mail, and I am eager to see if they are as good as his books and stories for children.  Will they hold the same magical power over the reader that his children’s books do?

I think as I continue my year of reading a lot (when I can), I will include a healthy mix of books from different age ranges, different genres, and different authors.  I will include books that I have read before as well as books I have never read.  I am always seeking recommendations.  I am learning that some of the best book recommendations come from kids – my own kids and others.

I guess I am really just a big kid myself.  I would rather get Lego kits than jewelry for presents.  I love being around children and learning from them.  I love watching them discover new things.  Maybe I should have been an elementary or middle school teacher.  Or perhaps a librarian.  I wonder if it is too late for that.  As usual, reading causes me to reflect on my life and where I am today.

I am off to finally start the laundry.  I am really going to do it this time.  I will not get sucked into reading another book first…  again…  I promise…  Until next time, Happy Reading!

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