Ruffleclaw by Cornelia Funke

I managed to fit in one more book before the end of the day.  I read another book by one of my favorite authors – Ruffleclaw by Cornelia Funke.  I remember the day that I first discovered Cornelia Funke and her books.  I was at this neat bookstore in Beaufort, South Carolina.  I do not know if it is still there or not, but it was nestled in the corner of a strip mall.  That was where I first discovered the books of Cornelia Funke.  I believe I started with The Thief Lord and Inkheart.  

Ruffleclaw is another book for younger readers (pre-Inkheart ages).  The story is about an earth monster named Ruffleclaw.  He wants to go live with the human in the house instead of staying in his burrow under the shed.  He also loves the piano music that the mother plays in the human house.  Ruffleclaw’s adventures take him inside the house and introduce him to the boy who lives there.  It is a cute story, and it was a fun read.

The reading marathon that I had today has made me think of a conversation that we had while we were visiting my parents for Christmas.  They decided to tell my significant other stories about my inability to sit still at the table as a child – a habit that they believe has continued today – as well as me never sleeping well as a child.  I frequently would go crawl into their bed or I would go and sleep on the floor next to their bed as I got older.  I still have chronic insomnia, I just do not think my parents realized that insomnia was the issue when I was younger.

A major contributor to my sleep problems was school and my busy schedule.  With all of the activities I was involved in and school responsibilities during the day, I never had enough time to read during the day.  Instead, I would stay up and read well into the night.  My parents would come into my room and turn off the light, but I would wait for their door to close, turn it back on, and open my book again.  I would binge read throughout the night – sometimes I never went to sleep.

Of course, this was not the only reason for my insomnia.  I had several fears as a kid, and they seemed to get worse at night.  My insomnia is no longer caused by irrational fears, but I still have frequent bouts of it as an adult.  I often read or watch television or movies until I fall asleep when this strikes today.  Thankfully, I have a very understanding significant other.

I still will binge read when given the opportunity.  I took my day off today to do some laundry, but to be honest my daughter did most of the laundry today.  I have not folded it yet, and I spent the day immersed in books and writing.  I have tomorrow off of work as well, so maybe the laundry will get folded tomorrow.

I lost several years of reading when I was married.  My ex-husband was not much of a reader, and he always made me feel bad for reading.  So, for several years I did not read as much as I did before and after my marriage.  I am happy to have reading back in my life now, and I feel like I have to make up for lost time and read more to make up for the missing years of reading.

I do love the Cornelia Funke books.  I think a re-read of Dragon Rider and The Thief Lord as well as the Inkheart books is in the near future.  In fact, two of those are sitting on the coffee table in my TBR pile.  I am really excited to revisit them several years later.  Funke is a magical writer, and I enjoy the visualization in her work.

I think it is time to settle in for the evening.  I am going to watch the first Harry Potter movie and peruse my latest copy of Poets & Writers magazine.  Until next time, Happy Reading!

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