Savvy by Ingrid Law

I suspect this will be the last book I can finish today before I have to return to work tomorrow.  I just finished Savvy by Ingrid Law.  I really enjoyed this book, and have a few thoughts to share before watching television for a bit and trying to fall asleep.

Savvy is about Mibs (Mississippi) and her family.  Mibs is turning 13, and in her family you get your Savvy on your 13th birthday.  A person’s savvy is essentially some sort of special power or ability.  Unfortunately, Mibs’s father is in a car accident and taken to the hospital just before her 13th birthday.  Her mother and oldest brother go to the hospital leaving the rest of the family in the care of their grandfather.  The pastor’s wife shows up with good intent and creates a lot of trouble.  The family does not want her interfering when Mibs’s savvy reveals itself.  To make matters worse, she decides to throw a big birthday party inviting all sorts of people that Mibs does not want to see.  Things go downhill from there sparking an adventure for several of the kids.

This book is an excellent middle grade coming of age story with some fantasy elements and magic thrown in.  The book emphasizes the importance of friendship and family.  It also shows the struggles as someone moves from pre-teen to teenage years.  Law has a good grasp of voice for her character, and does an excellent job of tracing the relationships between the different characters.  Overall, it was an enjoyable read.

I meant to write today, but it just did not happen.  I am off to read/watch TV, space out, etc. until the allergy medicine kicks in.  Yay cedar fever.  Until next time, Happy Reading!

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