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The Problem with Policing

Meghan E. Hollis

This book examines the problems with contemporary policing.  In this volume, I translate my academic expertise on policing into a book that anyone can read, understand, and learn from.  The goal of this book is to identify the problems with policing that scholars discuss and develop some solutions to fix what is broken about policing.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – What is Democratic Policing?

Chapter 2 – History of Policing

Chapter 3 – Police Organizations and the Police Mandate

Chapter 4 – Police Trust and Legitimacy

Chapter 5 – Police Public Relations and Police-Community Relations

Chapter 6 – Race and Policing

Chapter 7 – Policing and Social Change

Chapter 8 – Developing Democratic Policing

Chapter 9 – Policing Around the World

Chapter 10 – The Future of Policing